5th Grade Turn of the Century Study Guide

Question Answer
What did Thomas Edison invent? Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
What did George Washington Carver do? George Washington Carver created new ways to farm, including crop rotation (Crop Science) , hundreds of uses for peanuts.
What did Alexander Graham Bell invent? Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
What led Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone? Bell was intrigued by his deaf mother. He strived to change the world with his inventions.
Who were Wilbur and Orville Wright? Wilbur and Orville Wright were brothers that are credited with creating and inventing the first successful airplane.
Eastern European immigrants emigrated to the United States. What were they in search of? These immigrants came in search of a better life and religious freedom.
Where did the European immigrants mostly settle when they came to the U.S.? They settled in large cities, particularly in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Massachusetts.
What did immigrants hope to gain by coming to the United States? Immigrants hoped to gain better lives, better jobs and religious freedom.
What difficulties did immigrants face? What freedoms were they able to obtain? Immigrants faced poor and cramped living conditions.
Why was the Panama Canal created? The Panama Canal was created in order to increase the United States` reach in the Pacific Ocean.
Who was President when Panama Canal was created? President Theodore Roosevelt was President when the Panama Canal was created.
What happened in creating the Panama Canal? By creating eh Panama Canal, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans could be connected and trade route to Asia would be made easier.
The Panama Canal would save ships the long and expensive trip around the southernmost tip of South America.
What was the USS Maine? The USS Maine was an American battleship that was sent to Cuba to bring U.S. citizens in Cuba back to the United States.
What contributed to the cause of the Spanish American War? America`s involvement in Cuba contributed to the cause of the Spanish American War.
Where did the USS Maine explode? The USS Maine exploded in Havana.
What marked the beginning of the Spanish American War? The USS Maine exploded in Havana. President William McKinley had no choice but to get involved in war and this event marked the beginning of the Spanish Amer war.
How long did the Spanish American war last and who won? The Spanish American War only last a few months and the United States won.
What were some outcomes of the Spanish American War? Cuba became an independent country/Guam, Puerto Rico & Philippines came under U.S. control.
Why was the Spanish American War considered a "turning point"? The Spanish American War was considered a "turning point" for the U.S. because it sealed America`s spot as a " world power".
Why did the Northeast become an industrial center during the late 1800s? The Northeast became an industrial center during the late 1800s because it had good access to waterways.;lklkkjhhhj
Be able to locate Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on a map.

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