Anatomy Urinary System

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What is the issue if you have a lot of white blood cells in a urine sample Urinary Tract infection
What is the afferent arteriole Branches from the renal artery which supplies blood to the kidney
What is the first step in the urinary arteriole glomerular fileration
What comes out of the renal hilum renal artery, renal vein, ureter
What is a basement membrane part of the kidney that helps filter waste and extra fluid from the blood
What is the function of the afferent arteriole regulation of blood pressure as part of the tubuloglomerular feedback
What does the proximal convoluted tubule do Regulates PH by exchanging hydrogen ions and amino acids, glucose and water
What is the function of the loop or henle it is recovery of water and sodium chloride from the urine
What does nephron do produces urine
What is the function of bowmans space Lies just above the thickened glomerular basement membrane and is made of podocytes
What do the kidneys regulate Blood ph
What do the kidneys do to create homeostasis in the kidneys excretion of waste products like urea, produce urineto maintain homeostasis
What is the loop of henle long U shaped portion of the tube that conducts urine within the nephron of the kidney
Why are urinary tract infections more common in females than males the female urethra opening is closer to the anus than a man's
What is the efferent arteriole Carries blood away from the glomerulus.
What is the glomerulus network of renal capillaries responsible fro the filtration of blood
What does the distal convoluted tubule do the hormone aldosterone will cause the reabsorption of sodium and therefore water
What is nephron Functional unit of filtration and collection of urine in the kidney

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