Chapter 12&18 pharm

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What type of medication is used short term to relieve itching associated with allergic reactions such as; poison ivy, hives and insect bites. Antipruritics
Factors that influence the rate of absorption of topical medications include? -condition and location of skin-heat-moisture
If skin is thick and callused, absorption will be Slower
If skin is moist, macerated(raw), or warm absorption will be? Rapid
Patient education with use of antipruritics are? -clean area thoroughly before administering -rub gently until medication vanishes -use caution if they have allergies -avoid contact with eyes/mucus membranes -avoid prolonged use, no longer than 1 week-discontinue if conditions worsen
Antipuritics can relieve itching with a??dryinga?? agents such as? (Name med) calamine/Caladryl
These are used to suppress response to infection/trauma with immunosuppressant properties; but they also have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation and swelling. They can be used to treat allergic reactions and severe skin conditions. Corticosteroids
Corticosteroids can pose serious side effects, so they are best used short-term due to their Systemic effects on the body
Name two skin conditions corticosteroids can be used in treatment Psoriasis and seborheic dermatitis
Topical corticosteroid used long term could have side effects that included -epidermal thinning with skin tears-ulceration -hyperglycemia-glycosuria -Cushinga??s syndrome
Corticosteroids would be contraindicated in patients who are? -pregnant-lactating -children-immunosuppressed
Contraindications to look for BEFORE applying corticosteroids to a patient, and would not use on them if They had skin infections, bacterial or fungal infections also is they have cutaneous(skin) or viral infections.
EMOLLIENTS/PROTECTANTS do what? They soothe and protect minor dermatological conditions.They do so by creating a lipid barrier and seal out wetness
types of emollients that treat diaper rash are? *DESTIN-a&d -zinc oxide
This type of medication loosen epithelial scales; in patients with dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis, and acne Keratolytics
Medications used to remove debridement of necrotic/dead tissue; such as on patients with pressure sores/ulcers Enzyme Preparation also called a??enzymatica??
Medication type that treats scabies Scabicides
Scabies are caused by? An itch mite that burrows under the skin
Medication type that treats pediculosis/ infestation of lice in the hair of the scalp, pubic area, and trunk. Pediculicides
Medication type that controls fungal conditions, it may be administered as a topical or oral suspension or lozenge. Antifungals
Antivirals treat? Viral or virus-caused conditions
In order for ??Antiviral medications to be most effective they need to be started within 48 hrs- they can be started within 72 hrs of onset but to be MOST EFFECTIVE they should be started within 48 HOURS OF ONSET.
Name two "Scabicide" medications *lindane-permethrin
Name one "Pediculicide" medication *pyrethrins(RID)- they are preferred treatment and considered safer for pediculosis.(lice treatment)
When using oral suspension of antifungal medications such as "Mycostatin"/nystatin, use water to rinse mouth…..(BEFORE or AFTER therapy?) BEFORE-and advise patient to be NPO (nothing by mouth) for at least ONE hour.
Name one "Antifungal" medication Mycostatin/nystatin
Name two "Antiviral" medications Zovirax/acyclovir Valtrex
Antibacterial Agents such as "Mupirocin/Bactroban" are used to treat? Staphylococcus aureus and Steptococci-They also reduce outbreaks of MRSA
Antibacterial medication, that is a nasal ointment and is applied intranasally to reduce the risks of infection in patients with high risk during institutional outbreaks of MRSA. Mupirocin/Bactroban
Antiseptics are substances that? inhibit growth of bacteria
Bactericidal means it kills bacteria
Antiseptics should Not be used on wounds involving more than the superficial layers of skin and it is important to? Rinse thoroughly after use!
Burn treatments include topical application of medications to prevent or treat? -infections associated with damaged skin
When applying topical application of medications to a burn patient, you must do so with? Gloved hands!
Contraindications or extreme caution that must be used when applying topical meds to a burn patient include: -History of allergy, especially to sulfa drugs-Impaired kidney or liver function-Do not use silver sulfadiazine w/collagenase or trypsin-containing enzymatic debriding agents.
Patients using burn medications should be instructed to: -Use aseptic technique to prevent infection-Watch for allergic reactions-keep careful intake/output record-KEEP THE AFFECTED AREA COVERED AT ALL TIMES WITH CREAM & STERILE DRESSING
What are use for most severe forms of acne and for patients who fail other treatments? Retinoids*Accutane is a retinoid
____________, is used to treat sever type 4 acne that has not responded to other treatments, including antibiotics. Accutane
Women prescribed Accutane meds, that are of child-bearing potential must agree in writing to use two specific forms of ____________ __________, and have regular __________- _________ , before/during/after taking Accutane. -Birth control-pregnancy tests
Females on Accutane Must sign a patient information and consent form acknowledging facts about? -birth defects associated with Accutane use
Contraindications/Precautions to Accutane use: -pregnancy/breastfeeding-use in children under 12yrs-prolonged sunlight/Accutane causes increased sensitivity to sunlight

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