Question Answer
An island in the south pacific Aniwa
A ridge of rock or coral lying near or at the surface Reef
A border or an outer edge Fringe
One who is not a worshiper of the true God Heathen
Made by humans, means not natural Artificial
A person who flees his country to live somewhere else because of war Refugee
Living in agreement with something or someone Sympathetic
Money for work done Wage
Cities of India Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta
Brightness Luster
Journey to a place thought Holy Pilgrimage
Perhaps, possible Peradventure
Shows Commendeth
A very small amount Scant
Pause Hesitated
What problem did John Paton face on the island of Aniwa? There wasn't enough fresh water.
What did John decide to do to solve the problem? Dig a well.
What did the natives think when they saw John digging the well? They thought he was crazy.
After the Well was dug, what did Chief Namakei want to do? He wanted to preach the word of God.
What did the natives call the water that came out of the well? A miracle.
As a sign that they were giving up their idols to trust in the true God, what did the natives do? They burned or buried their idols and called out Jehovah
What did An Mei do each day to help her mom earn money? Pick flowers
Why couldn't An Mei go to school? She had to sell flowers so she and her mom would have food.
Why did An Mei go back to the big yellow house the next day? To tell Ms. Li she couldn't return to school
What kind of school was being held in the garden at the yellow house? Bible school to learn about Jesus
What kind of house did An Mei and her mother have? One made of cardboard and sacks
What words did An Meisay even though she didn't understand them? Thank You Jesus
What did An Mei's mother say about the school? That she was foolish and shouldn't go back
How did God provide for An Mei and her mother? By letting An Mei meet Ms. Li and Ms. Li giving An Mei and her mother a job and house
What was Rambhau looking for underwater? A pearl
Where are pearls found? Inside a clam
What had Morris been trying to help Rambhau understand He was trying to help him understand the true meaning of life
How did Rambhau plan on getting into Heaven? E thought he could buy his way into heaven
Why did the Pearl have so much meaning to Rambhau? His only son had given his life to get the pearl
How did Morris use the pearl to help Rambhau understand salvation? He tried to buy the pearl from Rambhau but Rambhau refused and said that it was a priceless gift and then Morris explained that God's salvation is a priceless gift like the pearl.

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