Sheep Diseases

Question Answer
Explain the term Zoonose a disease that can be passed from animal to humans
Name a viral disease of sheep that is classified as a Zoonose Orf
What is a notifiable disease? A disease that must be reported to the local Veterinary District office if found on your farm
Name a disease that affects sheep that is notifiable? Sheep scab
What minimises fly strike? Dipping, Dagging and Docking
What organism causes Navel Ill? Bacteria
How can navel ill be avoided? Spray iodine on navel straight after birth
What is the most common cause of sudden death in sheep ? Pasturella
What can prevent Pasturella Vaccinations
What disease can be caused by lack of steaming up in ewes? Twin lamb disease
What the symptoms of twin lamb disease? staggers, tremors (shakes), collapse & death, separates from flock
What kind of organism causes Orf? Virus
If an ewe has small spots on her udder, teats,lips, gums what disease is she suffering from? Orf
How can Orf be prevented? Vaccination of ewes before lambing & lambs at a few weeks old
What is another name for hypocalcaemia? Milk fever
What causes milk fever? lack of calcium
What are the symptoms of milk fever? separates from flock, unable to stand, unconsciousness & death
What causes sheep scab? mange mite
symptoms of sheep scab? yellow scabs on skin, animals rubbing against fences to try and relieve the irritation caused by the mites

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