Stack #2654132 medical terms

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ab antibody
ABGs arterial blood gases
ACLS advanced care life support
ADE adverse drug experience
ADR adverse drug reaction
BBB blood, brain, barrier
bid twice a day
bm bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BSN bachelor of science in nursing
BUN blood urea nitrogen
c/o complacent of
CBC complete blood count
CNS central nervous system
CS cesarean section
CSF cerebrospinal fliud
ct clotting time
DNR do not resuscitale
DO doctor of osteopathy
DP doctor of podiatry
DR, MD doctor, doctor of medicine
DVM doctor of veterinary medicine
ECG electrocardiogram
Dx diagnosis
EENT ear, eyes, nose, and throat
exp expired
GI gastrointestinal
Hx history
LPN licensed practical nurse
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
N&V nausea and vomiting
neg negative
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
NPO nothing by mouth
OD right eye
OR operating room
OTC over the counter
PCA patient controlled analysis
pt patient
R/O rule out
RN registered nurse
RR recovery room
S&S signs and symptoms
sat saturated
SOB shortness of breath
syr syrup
UTI urinary tract infection
VS vital signs

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